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As a seasoned and professional mortgage broker, I have seen many people in unique situations when trying to obtain mortgage financing. I’ve dealt with clients that have little or no down payment purchasing a home, clients with bruised credit, clients purchasing from one family member to another with no down payment… there are so many different circumstances. Whatever your situation might be… let’s find a solution! Let’s find YOUR mortgage!

As a trusted mortgage provider, I specialize in purchases, refinancing mortgages, investment mortgages and creative lending solutions. I have even worked with some clients for up to two years and with my mortgage advice and their due diligence, they have saved, fixed their credit and have found the right mortgage loan to purchase their home.

I pride myself with a reputation of integrity and honesty. I will work with you to facilitate your goals without compromise and will find you the perfect funding solution.

What are you waiting for? I’m a click away! You won’t be another number here. Every client is priority. Bottom line – it’s all about my clients being happy with my services and in turn helping your friends or family members when you refer them to me.


We deal with the most complicated financial situations.

We specialize in finding creative solutions to extraordinary circumstances. There is a quote that I love to use. “If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.” Don’t hesitate to call me and discuss your situation. We thrive on the tough files. Of course we do straight forward deals every day BUT if you have a unique situation and want a solution, let’s give it a try.

Purchasing a Home? We'll help with those little obstacles that get in the way. The path for a home buyer can be a challenging one and sometimes you may run into road blocks. We have a well-defined plan. Let our professional guidance help you reach your objective.


Guiding you from home seeker to homeowner.

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I heard of Anita through another mortgage broker as my situation of being on maternity leave wasn't cut and dry. Anita and Nancy were always there for my questions, concerns & to just run stuff past them through out the whole process. They never made me feel like I was bugging them. They worked so hard to get me the best mortgage they could for my first house and I couldn't have been happier with the service. Top Notch! - Lea-Andra R.