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On a personal note, I have been happily married for 39 years (whoa… 39 years). Together we have raised a son and a daughter who are both now raising children of their own. I am a grandma to eight beautiful grandchildren.

I enjoy spending time with family, an avid foodie; love my sushi and enjoy travelling. Of course I like to relax and unwind and every once in awhile with a nice glass of red.

I too have had some rough financial challenges in the past and through this I have learned from my own experiences, which in turn allows me to help others. Times are tough and with mortgage guidelines continually changing, it can be a challenge to obtain financing… even for someone with excellent credit and net worth!

I can’t believe that I have now been in the finance industry for over 16 years. It’s a passion. I enjoy what I do and better yet, I simply love helping my clients. I have a keen interest and keep up on global economics to sight the trends that might affect the industry. It’s always a plus to discuss strategies in our evolving economic climate.

I look forward to speaking with you. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.

Take care and talk soon,

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If you’ve ever been turned down for financing, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have a temporary credit issue, are self-employed, need to consolidate debt, or for any reason are having difficulty getting financing, I’m here to help.

Economic times are tough and many are experiencing financial difficulty. Not everyone has picture perfect lives or credit. I work with All types of financial situations. 2nd mortgages, self-employed, construction, poor credit, equity only, debt consolidation, rentals, 2nd properties, and refinancing are just some of the mortgage financing I handle.

There are many sides to a mortgage just as there are many facets to the individual looking for a mortgage. There are answers to be found. Let me help you through the financing maze and achieve the results YOU need.

I stay connected with my clients, always available to answer questions that come up. I meet loads of great people and gather friends as I go. In an age where honest and sincere business relationships seem practically extinct, I offer my commitment to you, the client.

I also welcome any brokers who can use my access to alternative lending sources. I offer quick feedback and results to brokers looking for assistance in their “Difficult to Fund” mortgages, including many lenders for Commercial.

Call me. I can Help..