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On a personal note, I have been happily married for 39 years (whoa… 39 years). Together we have raised a son and a daughter who are both now raising children of their own. I am a grandma to eight beautiful grandchildren.

I enjoy spending time with family, an avid foodie; love my sushi and enjoy travelling. Of course I like to relax and unwind and every once in awhile with a nice glass of red.

I too have had some rough financial challenges in the past and through this I have learned from my own experiences, which in turn allows me to help others. Times are tough and with mortgage guidelines continually changing, it can be a challenge to obtain financing… even for someone with excellent credit and net worth!

I can’t believe that I have now been in the finance industry for over 16 years. It’s a passion. I enjoy what I do and better yet, I simply love helping my clients. I have a keen interest and keep up on global economics to sight the trends that might affect the industry. It’s always a plus to discuss strategies in our evolving economic climate.

I look forward to speaking with you. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.

Take care and talk soon,