Dale (Coldwater)

I was in urgent need of a mortgage to purchase the house I was renting and it came down to the eleventh hour. I had some credit challenges due to a divorce a few years ago. I met with Anita and right away she assured me that she could help me out within the tight timeline I was facing. When I left our first meeting I felt very confident that Anita could put together a mortgage for me and my stress level dropped considerably. What made the whole process stress free was that Anita was very compassionate and willing to listen to my story and explanation with regards to my credit issues. I was treated like a human being and not just a name and numbers on a piece of paper. Anita was able to put together a mortgage for me within 1 week and even went so far as to give up her own time to work on a Sunday to put the deal together for me. I now own and enjoy my home thanks to Anita. I would not hesitate to recommend Anita and her team to anyone looking for a mortgage and it is because of her professionalism, compassion and passion for helping people. All I can say is Thank you Anita!