Trevor V.

“When I began to seriously consider buying my first home, I started educating myself on the do’s and don’ts of home buying and mortgages.  I began comparing the different mortgage rates that are posted and that is how Anita and Nancy at Family Lending came to help me solve all my mortgage problems and settle into my first home.  Anita and Nancy were able to answer all of my questions; they gave me many options to consider and even helped me save a considerable amount of money.  It felt like I had 24/7 mortgage broker assistance from the moment I was in contact with Anita and Nancy.  I knew that Anita and Nancy were committed to me from our first conversation.  Their commitment to customer service is not to be undervalued, on one occasion in particular, Anita and Nancy took the time on a Friday evening, at the start of a long weekend to help me through the process.  In summary, Anita and Nancy at Family Lending were professional, courteous and their penchant for hard work on my behalf ensures that I will return as a customer for all of my mortgage solutions.”